Some of previous clients comments

I cant recommend Chevonne highly enough, she is a wonderful person who is outgoing and is such a great help in what she does I know I couldnt do this with out her and I am so delighted to have her as one of my friends xx Susan Matheson

I cant say enough about the wonderful Chevonne I have lost half a stone in about 2weeks since getting the gastric band done its amazing and would recommend to anyone struggling like I was ,go see her she has also helped me with my pain and self confidence ty so so much Chevonnexx Mrs. Czryt

This woman is a legend try and see for yourself. Richard Robertson

After struggling with a weight problem for years I decided to go and see Chevonne..it’s by far the best decision I have ever made.

I had my 1st hypnosis on 29th May weighing in at 14 stone. 3 months later and I now weigh just over 11 stone  and I am a different person. I have so much confidence and actually feel like myself now. I no longer live my life thinking about food constantly, Food doesn’t rule my life like it did in the past..I now eat of a small plate and eat whatever I want, no calorie counting or checking points like I have done for years. I even go walking and swimming and I love it. And its like I got 2 for 1 as my husband has lost 20lb just by following my new lifestyle!

I just love the fact that I have NOT been on a diet since I started seeing Chevonne, before that I was on a diet every day for the past 17 years. I just don’t want to eat unhealthy!

I would recommend Chevonne so much, she is so lovely and easy to talk to, a great inspiration and  now she is a friend too. Mrs. P

Being a smoker for 20 years and was ready to stop. One session and its been 10 months and I haven’t touched one since! Chevonne was very caring and took a lot of time to listen to every aspect. Highly recommended and I have never looked back. – Ian J

After suffering for 3 years from severe ulcerative colitis I decided to give hypnotherapy a go. I was very sceptical and didn’t really see it working as I tried everything. My ulcerative colitis had gotten to the point in which I couldn’t go out, had a dead end job and was very unhappy. After only 5 sessions I am now symptom free! I am still finding it hard to believe but it really has been fantastic. Chevonne was very understanding and patient and made me feel very relaxed. We even went to space in one of our sessions 🙂 I am still symptom free months on and even have the confidence to get a new job which I am very happy with. I will have to see Chevonne for follow up sessions every few months but this is nothing compared to what I had to deal with before. A miracle. – Lorraine K

After only one session with Chevonne my whole life literally changed. I was having difficulty accepting responsibility in a new job role and the stress was making me very tired, emotional and unwell. I hated the thought of going to work. I now feel absolutely fantastic, my positivity is amazing and my motivation is unbelievable, I am much calmer, focused and dedicated at work and this in turn has made me even better in my personal life. I can’t thank Chevonne enough and long may it continue. – Mrs W

I had always had issues with people vomiting around me and often had what I found out were severe panic attacks. I thought I was scared of going on a boat for a family trip but after talking it over with Chevonne it wasn’t the boat that was the actual problem, it was my phobia of people being ill. It is a completely irrational fear and it really was taking over my life. I would avoid social situations, not try new foods, avoid certain holiday destinations and even stay away from home if my partner was going out with friends drinking in fear of him being sick. After having a severe panic attack one night I decided enough was enough! I booked an appointment with Chevonne and she couldn’t have been more understanding and helpful to me. She supported me through the whole process and was so caring and considerate. I needed two sessions of hypnotherapy in total and I was completely fine! Cured! I had other benefits from hypnotherapy too. I was very controlling beforehand and didn’t like spontaneous plans. However 8 weeks after having hypnotherapy I booked my first cruise and went on it a week later, I’ve now booked my next one! I am so much calmer and happier in all aspects of my life and I believe it is down to hypnotherapy. I’m not exaggerating when I say that hypnotherapy really has changed my life! I cannot recommend it and Chevonne enough! – Alana F

Omg had hypnotherapy for my spider phobia n can only say amazin ! i still don’t cope with them but i can now see a spider in a picture and talk about them without crying although they still freak me out but at start of session i couldn’t even talk about them without cryin (yes felt like a total idiot) ! i guess as i am so bad with them it may take a couple more sessions than normal but it was a great experience and i have recommended to lots of friends who have been to see Chevonne and are getting on great so i will continue to recommend ! and i will be back for more. Thanks for making it such a relaxing and comfortable experience too. x

I had huge problems when it came to taking exams, I would instantly destine myself to fail and it was interrupting my school work dreadfully and also my confidence, after just one session with Chevonne I feel amazing! I’m ecstatic and so much happier and confident! A god send!

I am actually BUZZING! Super powers indeed! 4 sessions and I am a new woman! Confident, happy, outgoing and I can speak my mind now! Can’t recommended enough!

In the space of 5 months I have lost 4 stone with Chevonne and its still ongoing! My eating habits have changed from eating nothing but pointless junk food to eating off a small plate and I now know how it feels to feel full! From going to never stepping foot in a gym I now swim daily and walk everywhere. This is a huge life changing experience and Chevonne is so welcoming, understanding and such a pleasure to spend time with. I don’t want the sessions to end!